Local Shows Calendars

Unfortunately, Klamath Music is unable to provide individual act and/or show promotion services. As a nonprofit, we do our best to strive for fairness and impartiality. Individualized services would be seen by many as compromising that goal. Additionally, our program efforts do not afford us the time and resources necessary to provide such promotions. Nevertheless, we recommend the following outlets for helping you get the word out regarding your efforts. We share a weekly public posting from one of these pages each Sunday on our own Facebook Page. Please, see their respective rules prior to posting/submitting your content.


If you are an artist creating and performing original material, you may be eligible to earn performance royalties from your qualifying live shows. To do so, you should affiliate as a songwriter using your full legal name (not a band/act name) with only one of the two Performance Rights Organizations (PRO's) listed below and start utilizing their live show tools upon acceptance. Please, see each organization's FAQ and tutorial sections. Note: joining fees may apply. SESAC link is not included because songwriter/composer affiliation is by industry invite.