Klamath Music is the umbrella name for the various programs operated by Klamath Folk Alliance (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Klamath Falls, Oregon). We serve Klamath Falls and the surrounding area through a number of music-related offerings, including: the Klamath Music Festival (formerly known as the Klamath Folk Festival), Showcase Series, Under Klamath Skies, Glenn Justus Memorial Scholarship, workshops, educational partnerships, and more. Our organization is dedicated to building bridges in our community, fostering its artistic growth, and enhancing educational opportunities through efforts to provide and support area music endeavors and highlight the diversity of its performers.

While our programs are music-oriented and offer many live music opportunities to the community, Klamath Music is not a personal booking agency, does not make individual booking decisions for area venues, nor does it operate as a dedicated marketing agent for individual acts. While we are far from the only advocates for local music, our efforts focus more so on the music scene as a whole, supporting artist development and professional growth, fostering connections, and ensuring music and musicians have a sustainable future and voice in our community. If you are an artist looking for performance or promotional outlets for your efforts, please see our RESOURCES PAGE HERE.

To partner with us in keeping music, its education, and live performance opportunities alive and well in the Klamath Basin area, we invite you to please consider making a tax deductible donation.     

Our Programs


Typically scheduled in later August, the Klamath Music Festival (formerly “Klamath Folk Festival”) is a larger-scaled community event featuring a combination of local and regional music talent with an anchor headlining act. The event features two stages and has been held at the Ross Ragland Theater in recent years. The event is also our primary annual fundraising effort, with proceeds from ticket sales being directly reinvested in our various other program and related efforts.  


Scheduled on the first and Third Thursdays of January - April at Mia & Pia's Pizzeria and Brewhouse from 6-8pm, our Showcase Series is a direct beneficiary of proceeds from the Klamath Music Festival. Open to all ages and free admission, the program features up to two area acts per evening for a 45 to 60 minute set each. In addition to featuring established regional talent, the program is designed to create opportunities for developing acts ready to take the next step with their music and public performances. The goal is also to introduce local audiences to new and up and coming talent in our region.